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What is Paid Media? Popular Types of Paid Media

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The term “Paid Media” is no longer strange to marketers. In this article, we will help you understand what Paid media is and the popular types of paid media today.

Paid Media is a media channel that a business, organization or any individual will have to pay to own. It includes posts by celebrities related to brands, advertisements in newspapers, websites,… and many other forms of advertising.

Paid media is a tool that helps brands grow revenue and increase brand awareness. This is also one of the three most popular forms of digital media today.

What is paid media?
What is Paid Media?

After understanding the term “What is Paid Media?”, we will help you point out the importance of paid media in Marketing. Paid Media is often used to attract new customers and increase brand awareness.

This is a form of communication that helps businesses increase traffic the fastest. Posts on digital marketing platforms are where many users have the most exposure to businesses. Thereby increasing the opportunity to promote your brand in the market and increase familiarity with customers.

When you use Paid Media, the benefits don’t just stop at the time of use, but they can also become earned clicks in the future. In addition, paid content will help you track and evaluate more effectively than unpaid content.

the importance of paid media
The importance of Paid Media in Marketing

3. Popular types of paid media today

Maybe somewhere, you have come across paid media but did not know it is one of the types of Paid Media used. In this section, we will show you some of the most popular paid media today.

This is the most popular and most common type of Paid Media. Businesses will pay to advertise on social media platforms so they see ads based on their interests and demographic behavior.

The fertile land that businesses choose is social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,… These are social networking sites with a high number of users and they visit frequently every day. . Some social networks help you remind users to message or follow your page and help you get more potential customers.

Businesses can also hire influencers to post content promoting their brand/product to their followers. Influencers will be compensated according to pre-arranged agreements to post the content that businesses want to convey on those social networking platforms to reach more users. 

3.2 Advertising on search engines

This is a form of paid advertising based on impressions (PPI) and clicks (PPC).

PPI (pay per impression) advertising will be charged when the ad is displayed on any platform regardless of whether the user clicks on it or not.

PPC (pay per click) advertising appears on websites, blogs or any media. However, businesses will only have to pay when users click on that ad

Advertising on search engines

This is a form of visual Paid Media based on images displayed on the website for a certain period of time. On each website, place banners with appropriate positions and sizes to introduce messages, images, and videos about the business’s products/services.

With Banner Ads, businesses can easily attract customers’ attention to their products and services. When customers are interested, they will click on that advertising banner, the link in the banner will lead users to the business’s destination website.

3.4 OOH and DOOH

Paid Media OOH (Out of home) and DOOH (Digital out of home) forms are forms that help businesses reach a large number of users in public spaces. This type helps users access ads no matter where they go, such as the bus, movie theater, or even on the street. This advertising channel does not involve programmed programs.


The separation of Paid, Owned and Earned Media in media campaigns is increasingly of interest and closely managed by campaign managers to evaluate more effectively.

  • Paid Media: what brands have to pay for, including PR articles on electronic news sites, posts of influencers,…and all the comments below.
  • Owned Media: are channels that brands can promote under their ownership, including social network pages such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram.
  • Earned Media: includes natural discussions, in which customers become channels to promote their brand. It can be said that Earned Media is the result of Paid Media and Owned Media. When customers learn about the marketing campaign through these two channels, they will create discussions about that campaign and Earned Media is formed.

Classifying discussions into Paid, Owned and Earned Media helps brands in managing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns they are running on social media.

Comparison between paid, owned, earned media
So sánh Paid, Owned, Earned media

Through the above information, it can be seen that paid media is a very effective communication channel. However, the costs for this communication channel are also numbers that businesses need to consider. Hopefully this information can help businesses in choosing the most suitable type of paid media.

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