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How to do Social Media Optimization Effectively

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The term “social” refers to social media. As such, social media can be seen as online facilitators or network enhancers of individuals enhancing social connections. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, youtube,… can be used for Digital Marketing. From there, the growth of the online presence of companies or individual brands; can increase awareness of new products/services and enable organizations to connect with customers. The things I gave above; All are related to the article below to learn. That is, Social media optimization. 

So what is Social media optimization? Join cus to learn deeply about the principles; uses; Strategy and relationships around Social media optimization!

Social Media Optimization “ social media optimization (SMO)”  is the use of certain stores and communities to generate publicity to increase product awareness; service or event brand. The focus of SMO is to gain useful links to social media content; to generate web traffic and raise awareness for a website.

In particular, SMO also has another very effective function, which is online reputation management; meaning if someone posts bad reviews; then the SMO strategy will respond negatively to not being the first link that appears in a search engine results list.

Social Media Optimization
How to optimize social media

What are the following benefits of social network optimization?

  • Companies/businesses use social media strategies that aid in promoting interactions with consumers and potential customers.
  • To increase brand visibility and expand your business.
  • Using social media helps you establish a huge network of connections and supporters; people who help you promote your company. Make your social media content stand out and attract millions of followers.
  • Increase your ability to connect with customers through content; images that are unique and personal.
  • The SMO strategy can ensure negative feedback on social media.
  • Link building is important especially for high-quality internal and external connections that improve social media visibility and reach; helps you gain more likes; followers and followers and subscribers.
  • SMO is useful when targeting specific geographic regions and reaching potential customers. This helps generate leads (find new customers) and contributes to high conversion rates.

5 principles of Social Media Optimization in campaigns

Social media content strategy and sharing through SMO

Strategic planning and content sharing campaigns through SMO continue to be researched and analyzed. SMO is like a tool; Primarily used to engage content with the community. When SMO engages with the community; It will lead to increased web traffic as you build trust for a platform on social media. The 5 Principles of SMO include:

  • Create shareable content: Create planned shareable content for social channels campaigns on platforms relevant to your community Friend; can be shared on many social media sites to everyone.
  • Reward Engagement: Monitoring content and responding to activity in social platforms will give audiences peace of mind and trust.
  • Measure usage and encourage reuse of your services/products
  • Enable tools to attract sharing to users easily with layouts; eye-catching colors; placed in locations easily seen by customers.
  • Proactively share: use groups – fanpages and social networking sites to create community interest in the area to provide resources and promotion services customer participation.

A social media optimization strategy ensures optimization

In addition, there are 5 essential principles to ensure optimization of social media strategy:

  • Goals: create brand awareness and use media to spread the word externally with targeted content.
  • Listen: listen and read feedback left by customers; track conversations related to customers and business goals
  • Object: find out who the customer is; what are they doing? What factors influence them and what do they often talk about? It’s important to find out what customers want in exchange for their online engagement and attention.
  • Measure: Track growth and determine which tactics are most useful in social media optimization; thanks to the likes; comments and information customers leave on posts. From there, measure and come up with the right solutions for the campaign.
  • Engagement and content: Establish an online presence and community and engage with users by sharing useful and interesting information.< /span>

Software that supports social media optimization

Here are some resources that can be used precisely to assist you in your social media optimization:

  • Marketing automation tools: Marketo, HupSpot and Salesforce
  • Image creation tools: Canva and Picmonkey
  • Social scheduling services: Buffer, Meetedar, Sprout Social
  • Audience research tools: Alexa marketing
  • Automation tools: Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Relationships to Marketing Social Media Optimization

Relationship to Viral Marketing

Social media optimization is in many ways connected to viral marketing techniques; is where word of mouth is generated through usage in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing review sites. An effective SMO campaign can harness the power of viral marketing.

Along with engagement for Blogs  create a result by sharing content through the use of RSS in this way blogging world; special blog search engines.

As for the website; it can retain current followers to attract new followers. This assists businesses in terms of increasing traffic; Effective social network campaign.

Viral Relationship Marketing

Relationship with Social Media Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an increasingly important factor in social media optimization. Is the process of designing a website so that it has the highest ranking on search engines that users often use such as: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram;… to rank user pages in the search engine results pages. search.

From shares to likes of a website used by users; is an essential factor that creates the quality of that website. Therefore, search results are personalized; Location-based social media presence on sites such as Google Places, Foursquare support becomes increasingly important.


Social Media Optimization is not limited to marketing and branding. SMO basically; focuses on driving web traffic from sources other than search engines. Thanks to the advantages that Social media optimization brings; Businesses increasingly rely on and engage social media as part of their knowledge strategy; to develop products/services; Branding; customer satisfaction and relationships… promote the linked site’s community; for healthy relationships between businesses and consumers.

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