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Latest Updates on Top Google SEO Trends

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Top 14 Google SEO Trends 2023 - A Look Into the Future

Search engines are becoming more and more optimized. There are many things that the SEO world needs to update every time Google introduces new algorithms and rules to rank websites. It’s all aimed at making content more discoverable. The sole goal is to provide users with relevant query results. So what SEO trends need to be updated to optimize website rankings in the future?

In this article, cwe would like to share the latest SEO trends of the year 2024. Let’s find out what user

The search engine optimization landscape is constantly changing. While there are some new introductions this year from Google, there are top SEO trends that are still relevant and active in 2024.

1. User’s search intent

The latest SEO trends that need to be updated today still aim at creating content for users. Google is working hard to understand your audience’s search intent for any type of query.

Understanding search intent is important, especially with the advent of the Multitask Unified Model (abbreviated MUM

Therefore, SEOers need to focus on bringing a comprehensive approach to content strategy. Any type of content must be planned for keywords, the intent behind a user’s search.

Understand the relationship between keywords and know how to target them to satisfy search intent. This is the key difference between effective and ineffective search strategies.

2. Content quality

Google has said that you should make sure your published pages are useful. We can think of this as the SEO mantra. It will help you build sustainable rankings in the future.

Many people are undertaking short-term SEO efforts primarily to gain links and awareness from digital PR. They add a lot of content or just deal with technical glitches. This approach can cause the website to be flooded with hundreds of generic content.

To be successful, you need to focus on creating more realistic, in-depth, and useful content. It is advisable to research the overall preferences of the target audience. Then sort those objects by topic and prioritize them according to their relevance to business goals.

3. Update SEO trends: Paragraph ranking surpasses keyword ranking

Passage Indexing is Google’s Text Indexing algorithm. This is the next SEO trend you need to update today.


According to Google, while indexing a website, they will try to understand more about the meaning of each paragraph on the page. This means any paragraph in the article will likely show up in search results for related queries. Thus, the audience can access more specific results instead of just general ones.

Update SEO trends when Passage Indexing works, content structure will play an important role. You should divide the article into several parts. And each section must include subheadings. Such a presentation helps Google quickly grasp the topic you want to mention. At the same time, it is also easily consumed by the audience.

4. Increase video content

One of the top SEO trends of 2024 is including video content in your strategy. Video marketing is often more engaging than text content.

Video gives you the power of flexible content creation. It helps marketers paint a realistic picture of the product in the minds of potential customers. In turn, customers also love videos because they are easy to digest and save them time by not having to read long content.

The best video content includes instructions, methods, and scenarios that are relatable to the audience. While this is not one of the cheapest forms of content available, it is certainly more engaging with a high ROI.

5. Mark Search and mark Clip

Typically publishers can divide videos into multiple content segments using timestamps. They are then titled and included in the video description. This allows the audience to immediately click to the clip they want to watch. At the same time, Google also quickly grasps the video schema thanks to these timestamps.


Nowadays, the birth of Seek Markup and Clip Markup (check Clip) has helped to optimize the work of creating schema for video content.

What are Clip Markup and Seek Markup?

Clip Markup is a way to manually mark timestamps in your videos. Seek Markup allows Google to use machine learning technology to automatically place relevant key moments of a video.

6. Design your own photo archive

The reality is that users are increasingly searching for images. This will give you motivation to optimize your stock. Try to do it better than your competitors. Start by stopping using stock photos on the internet and create your own.

Current up-to-date SEO trends encourage the development of original content by creators.

7. Update SEO trends targeting featured snippets

Search engine results pages (SERPs) are not what they were years ago. When browsing information on Google, you have probably seen some differences such as:

  • The percentage of ad results has increased.
  • Google has also started paying more attention to the “People Also Asked” and “Frequently Asked Questions” sections.

To enhance the search experience, Google has also added carousels for video results and snippets to display “Top Stories” and FAQs.

The latest SEO trends today need to focus on providing important information to users on the SERP itself and optimizing content through featured snippets.

To maintain consistent traffic, plan for long-tail keywords. Because this is one of the top SEO trends introduced by Google in 2024

Example keyword “Pudding recipe”. You can focus on longer queries like “How to make pudding at home?”

From the above update, we can see that Google is extremely emphasizing user search intent to increase the relevance of results.

8. User experience

The foundation of SEO includes content and links? Now, this has changed. Page experience has been elevated by Google to a major ranking factor. It hopes that visiting and interacting with websites will be enjoyable for users.

Google’s Core Web Vitals measurements, which include recommendations for responsiveness, image stability, and loading speed, were released in 2020. Furthermore, the search rankings of websites do not comply Compliance with these rules will decrease.

Make your to-do list to start optimizing On Page SEO:

8.1. RankBrain algorithm

The RankBrain algorithm was launched by Google in 2019. Until now, it is still one of the SEO trends targeting user experience. RankBrain focuses on 2 factors:

  • How long users spend on your site (Dwell Time)
  • Click Through Rate on search results (Click Through Rate)

When searching for some information on Google, you quickly click on the first result because you find it very appealing. When you read it, indeed, the article has provided essential information to you. You read each paragraph carefully, staying on the website for a long time. Right now, RankBrain will add 1 point to this page. And it’s likely to maintain its top position for some time to come.

Another case is that you click on the third result. When exploring the content, you feel it doesn’t have much value. Therefore, you exit immediately after just a few seconds. RankBrain also recognizes this behavior. And if the number of people leaving the page quickly is large enough, Google will lower the ranking further.

8.2 Core Web Vitals

Google is always pushing webmasters to provide better site experiences for users. This is essentially to ensure that any user who lands on a page from Google search results will not leave the page due to a poor page experience.

To evaluate page experience, Google combines signals like HTTP, Interstitials, safe browsing, and mobile-friendliness to determine how pages rank.

Core Web Vitals are a set of three key page experience metrics that provide Google’s data on the user experience provided by individual pages on the web.

8.3 Optimization for mobile devices

Ensuring that your website works well for mobile devices is something you must continue to pay attention to in 2024. Mobile user experience will be a big focus for all SEO professionals .

Simplicity is the key to a user-friendly web design. You also need to personalize your website content according to user needs. Google will eventually ignore your desktop site and focus entirely on your mobile site to determine your rankings.

So, if your focus on improving mobile user experience has been minimal so far, it’s time to shift your full focus there. If you have a separate desktop and mobile site, it’s time to consider switching to a mobile responsive site


Above are some of the top SEO trends of 2024 that can help you in shaping your strategy to rank your website #1 in the coming years. Although some trends are not new, they have evolved over time. They help provide users with relevant search results for an increasingly optimal experience.

Whether your goal is to publish more research-based content or increase organic CTR, your focus should be on providing relevant information to searchers.

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